How long does it take to deliver a project? We are much concerned about delivering a project or a service on time. Usually the duration needed is discussed with the client upon a request. We make sure that there are no delays, and the clients receive what they are waiting for on time. Prior to delivery date, the client will be contacted and the request service state will be discussed and probably tested if applicable.

How are the projects delivered to clients?  Different type of projects and services are delivered differently. eCommerce and development projects will be given to clients with all the source files and information needed. Sometimes, if the clients request for a hosting package, the project will be directly launched from our side. Other type of services will be delivered in a similar manner accordingly.

More Details?

If you are concerned about how long your project will take to be delivered, please refer to the following table. These are approximates for few of our services. We have three levels of features, level A, B , and C. these features will add a month, week and few days extra respectively. Of course, the more features you need, the more time we have to get. Please note, we work 5-6 days a week , and we are available for your contact 24/7.
Service Delivery Schedule
Developing a website 1-3 months
Building an online Store 2- 4 months
Creating a mobile application 2 months for each platform
Building a web portal 2 – 6 months
Writing a Technical Report 4 – 10 days
Engineering Senior Design Help 1 month +
Other Services May vary

Special Delivery Requests

It happens sometimes that you are in rush. If you are a client that you need your project to be done quickly and below our standard duration, please contact us by a special request and we will surely help you. We are always at your service.